Claim up to £30 on Michelin Tyres

Claim up to £30 on your fitting costs when you purchase a fitted set of Michelin tyres. 


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  • Offer valid on sets of the below tyres purchased and fitted between 8th March & 31st April 21. 
  • Tier One (claim up to £30) Michelin Power 5, Michelin Power GP, Michelin Power Cup 2, Michelin Power Slick 2, Michelin Road 5, Michelin Road 5 Trail, Michelin Road 5 GT, Michelin Anakee Adventure, Michelin Anakee Wild, Michelin Commander III Cruiser, Michelin Commander III Touring, Michelin Scorcher, Michelin Power Supermoto, Michelin Power Rain.
  • Tier Two (claim up to £15) Michelin Pilot Power 2CT, Michelin Pilot Road 3, Michelin Pilot Road 4, Michelin Road Classic.

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